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Sell all kinds of electronics, technology, gadgets, servers, disk drives, refurbished or new, and any additional items that fall in the category of consumer & enterprise electronics.
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Becoming a Vendor

The Lowest Seller Fees

Jeditronix offers the lowest commission rates for sellers to sell electronics and other technologies. Plus, we offer attractive marketing of your products through e-mail, Shell Shocker, Daily Deals

In the Category of Electronics:

AMAZON Fees are 16%-18%
EBAY Fees are 15%-19%
JEDITRONIX Fees are 8.9% as show below
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Consumer Categories
Enterprise Categories
Accessories 8.90% Accellerators 8.90%
Automobile Technology 8.90% Batteries & Cable Accessories 8.90%
Camera & Photo 8.90% Back Up Devices 8.90%
Car Audio 8.90% Blades 8.90%
Cell Phone Accessories 8.90% Data Storage Devices 8.90%
Computer Hardware 8.90% Hard Drives & Accessories 8.90%
Consumer Electronics 8.90% Network Phones 8.90%
Home Audio & Video 8.90% Networking 8.90%
Home Media & Entertainment 8.90% Network Products 8.90%
Memory & Blank Media 8.90% Network Switches 8.90%
Office Supplies 8.90% Network Routers 8.90%
Personal & Portable 8.90% Network Security Hardware 8.90%
Software 8.90% Network Servers 8.90%
TV & Audio 8.90% Telecom Products 8.90%
Video Games 8.90% Wireless Access Points 8.90%
Unlocked Cell Phones 8.90% Wireless LAN 8.90%
Video Game Consoles 8.90% Other (Software & Hardware) 8.90%
Warranty & Service 8.90%
Other (Software & Hardware) 8.90%

Global outreach to Emerging Market consumers

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Jeditronix offers attractive marketing of your products through e-mail marketing, brand awareness, content marketing, daily deals, and more, to a global out reach of buyers in the US & Latin America Market. You can sell your inventory by BULK or by INDIVIDUAL (piece) items.

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