Why Jeditronix

Jeditronix is a comparison shopping marketplace for everything that's tech. We help you save time & money. Jeditronix also provides the access for vendors to sell their new, refurbished, secondary electronics, and surplus inventory to our buyer communities. Old electronics aren’t e-waste, instead, they are a low cost means to provide change in connecting hundreds of millions of people of how they communicate, work, and play.



We believe in providing the ability to access technology in emerging regions allows their acceleration in an evolutionary use of more advanced technology. We appreciate aged used goods being the gateway to end-users evolving technology experience. Our need to digest information in micro-seconds has consumed and replaced our ability to reason and see that we are leaving behind some of the world’s greatest untapped resources. There is technology readily at our disposal yet inequality in the 21stcentury is steadily increasing. Our open market platform will enable communities to close the gap within inequalities of technology usage. We see this everyday, even here in the U.S. with 45% of the population not connected to either a cell phone, smart phone or tablets as well as places like China 66%, India 87%, Russia 80%, Mexico 79%, Germany 62% (source: MIT Technology Review, 2017)


To enable communities to connect locally and globally by providing people the opportunity to affordable technology. We strive to do what we believe is right and let our conscience be our guide, knowing that our worth will be measured by our values. We live our lives with purpose, thinking ahead, with the interest of a better world for tomorrow’s future. It’s a call to action to bring technology to people that otherwise would not have had the accessibility to access.


We believe in the empowerment of our contributing talent to bring new challenging ideas, experiences, and diversity, in which will enable the continued growth of Jeditronix. The future of business is to pivot from the industrial hierarchy business model to a new generation of a network business model. Our belief system is to Think Global, Act Local, in which to provide a thriving mobilized working environment where the culture is passionate, collaborative, supportive, diverse, results oriented, and global.

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